Chilli dip found to be unsafe


Seven out of 17 brands of nam prik num — or northern-style chilli dip — that were examined in a study in the North exceeded the safe limit for the food preservative benzoic acid, the Foundation for Consumers said on Thursday.

The foundation said levels of benzoic acid in the seven brands exceeded limits recommended in 2018 by the Public Health Ministry and none displayed information on the use of the preservative on their labels.

Naruemol Po-in, a food scientist at the foundation, said in a press briefing that the food products exceeded the limit of 500 milligrammes of benzoic acid per kilogramme of food. They contained between 890.32 and 5,649.43mg of benzoic acid per kg.

"They had preservatives at levels about 11-fold above the food safety standard of the Public Health Ministry," she said.

Ms Naruemol said only two brands, from the  Waroros Market, and the Wannapa brand from the Wannapa Shop in Chiang Rai — didn't contain benzoic acid, while eight other brands contained it within the recommended limit.

She warned against excess consumption of preservatives as they can cause liver and kidney problems.

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